2011 Retirees
YCEA honored its 2011 retirees with a catered dinner at Smith Middle School during its June Rep Council meeting.  Members were given a personalized gift as well as a one-year membership to PSEA-Retired. Honored retirees included:
  • Lynne Segro                  
  • Leah Ford                
  • John Morgan                
  • Ann Bridge                    
  • Kathy Jones                 
  • Glenda Shanabrough     
  • Mary Ann Swalgin         
  • Deborah Davis              
  • Kervin Hoover                
  • Margaret Shanbarger    
  • Barbara Laudeman        
  • Yvonne Gemmill            
  • Patrica Banker              
  • Sandra Mumford         
  • Nixza Myers               
  • Candace Law                
  • Vickie Kling                   
  • Lynn Toft                  
  • Karen Boyd                  
  • Alexis Doyle                 
  • Sharon Martell              
  • Sandra Culp                 
  • Brenda Elby
  • Lois Garnett                

 Congratulations and best wishes to all of the retirees!

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